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Pokemon as Part of an Employee Development Programme

Employee Development Programme

Using Pokémon go as part of an employee development programme

Pokemon Go… it’s officially everywhere! As the number one app all over the world, it really is a craze that has consumed everyone. But how much is it affecting your office environment? With 69% of people admitting to Forbes that they play it at work – some of them for more than an hour a day can it be used as part of an employee development programme?

Here are some great examples of how you can intergrate it into an employee development programme. When it comes to smaller, start up businesses, you have more flexibility to do things in the way that you want, meaning you can turn this craze into a positive for you.

The Boss Who Insists Upon It

 The boss at TNW is insisting that  employees play the game for 30 minutes a day after lunch… for health reasons. Considering the game is getting people out and about walking more, there is definitely a truth to this. Plus it’s a great way to tackle people playing it during working hours – if they have designated time, they won’t be using it during the rest of their shift.

Pokémon as Part of Your Employee Development Programme

 Find ways to incorporate this into your current training and team building exercises to make it more fun. You can build bonds and make your workplace environment much more easy going by ensuring that everyone gets involved. If Pokemon Go is the key to that, then so be it!


Using Lures To Market Your Business

 A ‘lure’ can be placed near a business, at a designated ‘Pokestop’, which generates a greater number of Pokemon, drawing people to your premises. You can even add to this by putting on special offers just for players, or by offering charging stations.


Bond With Your Staff

 One of the best ways you can build a greater communication system and an employee development programme is by playing the game yourself and talking to your staff about it. Having something in common with help blur boundaries  and hierarchies a little, making senior managers much more approachable.


Bond With Your Customers

 Get your staff to talk to players about the game, and encourage people to tag your business in photographs when they catch something. The more people that come looking for Pokemon, the more people will learn about you. This is a great way of building your brand as a business and employer.

This is a craze that may not last forever, so it’s best to use it to your advantage while everyone is mad for it, rather than wasting all your time arguing against it. You cannot track what your staff are doing all the time, so there may be times where they are playing it rather than working. if this is built into an employee development programme with challenges and clear outcomes built in, it can make it a win -win for staff and the business.

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