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Top 5 Mobile Apps for Finding Great Staff

Mobile Apps for finding great staff

Jobseekers have often sought easier and creative methods of applying for job.

Mobile Job Search Statistics
Applying for jobs via social media is definitely gaining in popularity with 89% of job seeker believing mobile devices are an important part of job search.

Mobile apps for finding staff are useful for recruiters working in big as well as small organizations. Whilst these platforms are free to use for candidates, there is usually a small fee for recruiters. However, with 45% of job seekers saying they use their mobile device specifically to search for jobs at least once a day the benefits gained from using these sites far outweigh the cost.

Here are 5 of the most well known  mobile apps for finding great staff:

1.Tweetmyjobs: As the name suggests, the application uses Twitter as the source of finding and recruiting new talents. By using the hashtag, #, effectively, recruiters can make job postings, which would then be accessible to candidates looking for jobs in their respective fields. As of now, this is a very popular app in UK and USA and is fast gaining pace in other parts of the world too. TweetMyJobs operates 8,520 targeted job channels based on location and skill set and the cost for posting a job is $2 a day or $20 a month, which is very nominal as compared to job boards such as CareerBuilder.

2. Monster App: Their mobile  job search apps works in tandem with their website,, which is a very popular platform across the world. Candidates  can search for  jobs using the mobile app in the same way they would search for jobs using their PCs. One of the really key features of this app is that it allows candidates to also update their candidate profiles via their phone or other mobile device. However, this is one of the more expensive websites with adverts ranging from $210 for 20 days and $395 for 60 days , which is much higher than Tweetmyjobs. Despite this, the app still remains a favourite for SMEs because of their huge database of candidates and ease of candidate search

3. JobSearch by TheLadders: This is a popular mobile job search app which charges the candidates  rather than recruiters. The app allows users to apply for jobs displayed based on the skills they specify. The platform also displays useful information such as salary trends, recruitment trends and other market data, which the users can refer while they apply for jobs. They charge a minimum of £15 to maximum of £60 from candidates and contain a huge database of jobs posted by recruiters . The website allows free posting of jobs, which is a great benefit to recruiters.

4. SimplyHired: One of the most popular names in the realm of job searching, they syndicate jobs from various sources and offer the best choices for jobseekers to select from. The app is very popular in the USA and is fast gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well. Their database of jobseekers is close to 30 million and they charge a minimum of £60 from recruiters for 30 days.

5. Indeed: This mobile job search app is again directly connected to their website and gives jobseekers a wide choice of jobs syndicated from all across the world. Usually appearing on top of google searches when you look for any job randomly,’s app is as popular as their website with job seekers and recruiters alike. Recruiters can contact their sales team at to get a customised price for   posting jobs. Businesses or recruiters can also sponsor jobs so that they appear on top of applicant searches.
It would be appropriate to conclude that job search has become easier these days, thanks to these mobile apps for finding great staff provide an easy medium and consistent support to users globally. For recruiters, looking for good candidates is no longer as difficult task as these apps provide easy and ready availability for job seekers.

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