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Attract top talent with an employment branding strategy








Having a brand is much more important today than just having a company. Having a brand in the business world means that what you are doing is good and that people trust you. When you become a brand that means that you succeeded in your business. Now, attracting customers is not the only benefit of becoming a brand. You can also attract talents as your future employees.  As you can see, there is not one bad thing in achieving the brand status. That is why I want to talk about what you can do to use that status for recruiting new talents.

Complete transparency

The number one branding strategy used in recruiting new people is transparency. When you are conducting a job interview and the potential worker tells you all about him, now it is your turn. Explain to him what you expect from him and what he gets in return. Talk about work hours, work policy, your wishes and the work he will be doing. You can also talk about the salary, the possibility of bonuses, breaks, team building, whatever you like. The reason for that is simple. You don’t want an employee who quits after 3 months because you gave him the job he didn’t expect. For example, he applied for an office job but after a month you have him a fieldwork. That is not how a serious company works and the talent knows that.

Good work atmosphere

People love to work with similar persons so it is crucial you manage to maintain a good work atmosphere in the office. If the office has an intense atmosphere where everybody has their headphones on and nobody is talking, that is not a good picture. People who work together have to be a team and not strangers. A talent you want to recruit will notice that and he will choose the other company because of that. Nobody wants to work in a surrounding where they can cut the tension in the air with the knife.


Perks you can give

This is the part you can use for the job interview and the overall image of the company. Listing perks as good and stable salary is always a plus, but don’t forget to be honest. Pumping up the numbers just so you can bring someone in your company is wrong. A good work atmosphere is also a perk many companies can’t offer. But, I am not talking about those perks. I am talking about the things you can offer them which other companies can’t. For example, a good break room which has a comfy couch, a good coffee machine, and a foosball table. A break room which has a foosball table to help you with high-stress levels is a great perk. That says: I don’t want you to be too stressed out; I want to help you with that. A foosball table is one of the best instant anti-stress therapies. That is something every worker will respect and they won’t spend their work hours playing foosball. One 5 minute match can do wonders for the stress and you will see the results almost immediately.

You don’t have to do much to become a place where people want to work. It is all in the good work ethics and doing what you love. When you are doing that you will attract the people who are like you and that is what your brand needs.

Author bio:

Mark is a blogger who has a blog about foosball. On his blog, he writes different things one should know about foosball, including the reviews of foosball tables all over the world. Due to that, he called his blog the Foosball Zone.

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