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5 Cost effective ways to recruit staff

How to Recruit Staff?

Are you wondering on how to recruit staff?  Well, most small companies cannot afford the time or money involved  when they have a need to recruit staff. Yet this is one of the single most important decisions any business owner will face as the cost of getting it wrong could far outweigh any benefits of rushing through the process.

Here some of the things you can do to help save you time and effort on the long run

Job description

Have a clear job description of what it is that the person will be required to do. A common misconception about job descriptions is that they have to list each and every task the person is required to do. A job description does not have to be a comprehensive list of tasks and duties but it should give a board enough idea to anyone you employ, what it is that you expect from them. How does this save you money? Well, getting the right job description can help minimise the time you spend interviewing and ultimately spend employing the wrong person. A good job description should also include a flexibility clause, which, as the name suggests provides some flexibility for the employer to make changes to the job description as required.

Using Social Media To Recruit Staff

In recent years, social media is becoming an increasingly popular platform for employers to use to recruit staff within an organisation The most popular being twitter, face book and linkedIn. A word of caution however – think about who you are trying to target as each of the popular social media platforms, though valid in their own right  may not be necessarily suitable for  all roles. If you are a local business such as a hair dresser, then facebook and twitter are certainly better medias to use for recruitment. If however you are recruiting for an office based role then, linkedin provides a much more effective source for candidate search


When you are trying to recruit staff for local jobs, make use of local sources. Church halls and social clubs are usually happy to place jobs on their news boards free of charge of for a small donation. You will be helping the local economy as well as getting someone local into your business. Ask friends, business associates or even clients for names of contacts. You will be surprised at who knows who. Another great source is  parents at school. If you know of any parents at a school, they will have access to a school newsletter and some schools would be more than happy allow you to promote your jobs

Build your own talent pool

There are times when following a particularly successful recruitment drive you may find that you have several candidates who although suitable are not your chosen candidate at the time. These candidates are gold dust! Let the candidates know that you would like to store their details on file and will get in touch with them should something suitable become available. This can serve two purposes; if you do go back out to advert, you will have a list of 2 or 3 ready made applicants; this will shorten the recruitment time by less than half. If the candidates have found work and are no longer interested, there is always a chance that they will know someone who they can refer to you. Never forget to ask.

Use CV search websites to recruit staff

For a one off fee you can access CVs for several roles through some CV websites. A very popular site is CV library which for a fixed fee allows you to search through thousands of CVs for suitable candidates for roles.

Cost effective ways to recruit staff

Cost effective ways to recruit staff for your business

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