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How To Use Linkedin To Recruit Professionals Tutorial

How To Use Linkedin To Recruit Professionals

In today’s competitive job market, LinkedIn is one of the best tools for seeking and finding quality candidates. However, not all  businesses  are aware of the power of LinkedIn  and the role it plays in finding the right candidate to fill  their job vacancies.

Research shows that of the 33 million people who use LinkedIn, 75% are active jobseekers while 61% are passive account holders, who are ready to change jobs but are not using the medium to apply for jobs!

How To Use LinkedIn To Recruit Professionals

How To Use LinkedIn To Recruit Professionals

This means that if recruiters were able to reach more passive candidates they would find it much easier to fill some of their vacancies. Indeed, it has been found that in 2015, out of 4 employees recruited via LinkedIn, 3 were passive jobseekers.

The best ways on how to use LinkedIn to recruit professionals , recruiters  must:

Have a LinkedIn company page

Having a company page is a great Linkedin recruitment solution   and a great way to showcase your business. Create a professional business page with a short description about your business, contact and website details Once you have created the page, it’s important to make sure you post interesting and informative information on your page as often as possible. The more information you can post on your Linkedin Company Page, the more likely you are to get people to follow you and really engage with your company.

Linkedin recruitment involving Linkedin Groups

One of the often overlooked Linkedin Recruitment solutions is to join LinkedIn groups with relevant interests to the ones you are seeking. If the Linkein groups have people with similar background to you there is a greater chance of you meeting people who will be interested in your company. The important thing to remember however is to make sure that you post comments or comment on other peoples posts as often as you can. This helps boost your profile and increases the chances of group members helping you promote your jobs when the time comes


LinkedIn Recruitment Solutions

Using your linkedin connections

Use your LinkedIn Connections

One of the most powerful LinkedIn social media recruitment solutions is to ask your LinkedIn connections if they know of anyone who might be interested in your job. We often forget the power of referrals. People you already know are more likely to recommend highly talented and skilled staff to you. By using your LinkedIn connections you can save time and be more confident that you will get high caliber and relevant candidates from your LinkedIn connections.

Update your LinkedIn profile

One of the most powerful things about LinkedIn is that it’s not just about who you know; its also about who your LinkedIn connections know as well. Having an updated profile with keywords such as your job title, a brief description about you and your company will help people find you when searching for someone with your company details. You can also publish articles with relevant links to job postings using tools such as LinkedIn Pulse so that you can attract more people to connect with you.

Find out  more about how to enhance your linkedin profle  from reading our article on linkedin profiles


Searching for candidates using LinkedIn search tools

One of the fastest ways to search of and find candidates on LinkedIn is to make use of the Linkedin search tool. The tool is set you using similar algorithms to Google search. This means that by typing keywords into the search bar, you are able to find the types of candidates you are searching for in the shortest time possible. Once you have found them, you have two options; you can either connect with them directly by sending them a connection request, or you if you have a shared connection in common, you can ask your connection to put in contact with the person. Either option can be quite effective and will cut down on the amount of time spent searching for candidates

The above steps covering LinkedIn to recruit professionals, should greatly increase your chances of discovering passive candidates who may not be actively seeking jobs but could be right candidate for your business.



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