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Top 6 Employee Database Systems for Small Businesses

Importance of employee database systems

For most small and medium business enterprises, a lack of time and resources presents challenges when it comes to people management.  A lot of small businesses would like to make better use of technology in the form of  employee database systems to manage their staffing but believe that due to their size, the cost of such tools would be prohibitive.

After carrying out a review, we have put together a list of some of the top employee database systems aimed at small businesses.  We have reviewed these systems from a variety of parameters including:

  • Database of Employees
  • Self Service Portal
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Pricing
  • Recruitment
  • Absence Management

myhrtoolkit employee database systems

  1. A relatively new entrant in the UK HR scene, myhrtoolkit is a winner right from the word go. With a rating of 5 by most review sites and backed by strong user reviews there are many reasons why it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice.



  • Ease of use: It is conveniently operated at all user levels
  • Continuous updates: These enhance functionality and therefore, make it relevant for users
  • Starting at £15 per month for up to 5 employees, the pricing structure is straightforward. The monthly licence fee is based on number of employees with free support and access to all features.
  • There are no long-term contract users can cancel anytime
  • Features: Attendance management, compensation management, notifications on vacations/absentees


However, as the saying goes; there is always room for improvement.

  • There is no provision for travel and expense management with this software.
  • There is also no recruitment module as part of the package. This could make this an expensive option for those looking for complete employee database systems.

2:Employee database systems
People HR is often termed as one of the best Cloud HR software in town. The system is modern, convenient and has an extremely professional system designed by passionate innovators.


  • A patented workflow system that takes the guess work out of what actions to take and when
  • Straightforward, easy to understand price plan on a per employee per month basis
  • Dynamic pricing format in multiple currencies giving more flexibility to users
  • Features: Workforce management, Core HR enables centralised control and assessment
  • Option to customise many features. It also has an interactive recruitment platform.
  • A further key benefit of this system over some of its competitors in the fact that it is robust enough to accommodate the calculation of hours for part time workers as well as those working shift patterns outside the normal 9 -5 work pattern
  • It is one of the few employee database systems on the market to offer a dedicated  app



  • The navigation tools on a smart phone and a laptop are different and can be confusing to new users


Zoho People HR

3: Another top rated HR solution, Zoho People enables users to monitor all absences like vacation, training, sick and the like at one go.


  • Provides a centralised view of all employee absences
  • Generates accurate leave report
  • Available as an app
  • Efficient time tracker device


  • Features limited to only efficient absence management


   You Manage HR software4:  This software is great for simplifying HR challenges and limiting compliance risk in this field.



  • Helps managers to deliver the best HR practices at reducing support cost
  • Unique automation design created in tandem with UK employment norms and legislation
  • A single web-based system that brings most of the main HR processes, information and guidelines under one umbrella



  • Pricing is not flat but rises incrementally on the basis of services incorporated
  • Subscription fee sees a dual rise based on number of employees as well as services incorporated.
  • Like some of its competitors, it does not offer a recruitment package.

 People Tack HR software5: One of the oldest and most stable employee database systems in the markets, it has consistently secured a rating of 4 by most review sites as well as user feedback.


  • It organises employee information effectively and provides email alerts
  • All the tools required to automate HR are available in a single package
  • Easy to install and operate at all levels
  • Can work effectively for large user groups



  • Slightly complicated interface that needs training
  • Pricing slightly steep but most users overlook it in favour of the competitive edge it provides.
  • Does not offer as wide a range of services as some of its competitors.


  1.  Breathhr software

BreatheHR is one of the most competitively priced software in the market. It is intuitive cloud-based software perfect for growing businesses.


  • Record and manage the info of all your employees including training objectives, performance appraisals and holidays all in one place
  • Plans to suit business of all sizes
  • Full Free trial(Credit card not required)
  • A strong supporter of charities, they offer a free service to registered charities employing 50 or less staff
  • A recent addition is the expenses module, not found with most of its competitors.
  • BreathHR also boast of a mobile app assessable to all users
  • One feature many small businesses will appreciate is the tasks tools with reminders to follow up on tasks.


  • Not suitable for businesses  sederequiring a complete employee database system including recruitment, training, payroll etc.


This, in short, is a list of some of the best-known names in the UK who beautifully combine affordability with quality in the employee database systems space.

2 thoughts on “Top 6 Employee Database Systems for Small Businesses”

  1. MyHRtoolkit says:

    This is brilliant! Thank you so much for your review – we aim to please!

    1. Thank you. So glad you like our article!

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