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Employees Handbook


Are you employees clear on what is expected of them in the workplace?

As at 2011, there were 1.3 million small business SMEs (0-249 employees) in the UK of which 742,000 (59.0 per cent) had employees (Source BIS). This makes up for over 58.8 per cent of private sector enterprise employment.

 Most small businesses have neither the time nor skills to create employment rules for their business. This can sometimes lead to employment disputes which in turn can result in employment tribunal claims being brought against the business.

 £173,000 was the maximum compensation awarded by  employment tribunals for unfair dismissal in 2011/12. The time and costs associated with such claims can be quite devastating for small businesses. Whilst there is no way to completely guard against the threat of a tribunal claim, it is important to ensure that companies do everything possible to minimise the chances of this happening. The best way to achieve this is to have in place robust employment policies and processes that provide clarity or employees about what is and isn’t acceptable in the workplace.

 Some of the types of policies included in employee handbook include:


a)    Recruitment policies

b)    Grievance

c)    Social media in the workplace

d)    attendance policies

e)    Disciplinary and Grievance policies

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